Our experts at Aladdin Remodelers of Long Island are here to bring your entertainment center dreams to life. Conveniently located in Massapequa in Nassau County, our remodelers can service all of Long Island. While a completed entertainment center is certainly exciting, there are a few things for the homeowner to keep in mind in order to optimize the viewing experience. Much of this involves having a plan for exactly where in the room you want to place the television. Consider where the TV will be in relation to the sunlight coming through the windows. Too much light will result in reflection and interfere with the screen. Other arrangements to consider include the screen size, the distance you plan on sitting from the screen and where that couch or bed can comfortably fit into the room. The aspect ratio and resolution may also become a factor when considering the best viewing distance. Once you have a vision for the room, speak with Aladdin Remodelers today about designing and building the perfect home entertainment center! Long Island Entertainment Center