Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets serve a simple purpose. But they don’t need to look basic. There are dozens of custom cabinet ideas that go outside of the conventional box. Here are just a few.

Dark wood

While we have examined the spacious “white-out” design, let’s not overlooked the power of dark-colored wood. This will create quite the contrast with lighter countertops and tiled floors. Aside from brown, other shades that work well are black and navy blue.


This old-fashion yet interesting style for wood brings to mind a farmhouse or cabin in the country. Corresponding textiles such as placements and table runners with a pastoral theme add to the coziness.

Shelves above windows

They aren’t exactly cabinets, but do serve the purpose of holding objects. Visually, the shelves are perfect for displaying small decorative collectibles, picture frames or seasonal decor.

Cabinet Door Inserts

If you want to do something a little more interesting than plain glass and don't necessarily need the shelf to be completely open, going a little outside the box will add some creative flair. Wire grating or stained glass are just a couple of ideas for custom cabinets. The wiring is inexpensive and will keep out the cats. Colored glass provides an elegant touch. For a tricky visual with a personal look, try photo frames as doors. When constructed properly, they will become secret compartments.

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