Brighten up Your Bathroom!

Posted On: June 06, 2016

Four warm metal fixture ideas for your bathroom

Design trends come and go and because of this, many people neglect their bathrooms and refuse to keep it up-to-date. It is a part of your home that isn’t meant to entertain guests, but a beautiful looking bathroom enhances the value and overall aesthetic of your home. The next big thing taking over the bathroom scene is warm metal fixtures in bathrooms. Chrome and stainless steel are old hat and it has now become all about inviting spaces with copper, bronze, brass and gold. Here are four tips on how to use these warm metals and make your bathroom that much more alluring.

Gold, Gold, Gold!

Gold may seem like an outdated design option, but it has begun its resurgence in bathrooms globally. Gold always brings along a high standard and certainly brings that luxurious touch to any element. Using gold is tricky though and the idea is to focus on items such as faucets and shower controls to really make the gold pop. With gold, less is more, so use it as an accent and not the main course in your bathroom.

Can’t Go Wrong With Copper!

Copper reflects off light in a way that is eye-catching and breathtaking. It is that reason that copper may very well soon become the go-to choice for anyone who is in the process of creating a marvelous bathroom. Copper is also extremely easy to care for and more times than not, a simple cleaning with warm water will do the fix. Whether you are cleaning a worn-out fixture or lighting structure, the shine should return to your bathroom elements.

Brass = Brightness

Brass has been used in homes for ages and is most commonly used room in the bathroom. Brass' durability is what makes it a commonly used fixture in your bathroom. Brass is a top choice for both modern and traditional styled bathrooms. A big factor to consider when using brass is that it does require regular maintenance to keep it looking as new as possible. Each manufacturer may have a preference on how to clean their fixtures, but routine wipe downs should be done no matter what.

How About Bronze?

Bronze gets better with age, which makes it an intriguing choice for your bathroom. Using bronze as a finish adds a timeless look to your bathroom fixtures. Over time, usage and exposure to other elements in your bathroom will create a unique staining pattern that strengthens the aesthetic. Bronze is the perfect choice for those who enjoy vintage and charm. Colonial homes and traditional home designs are the best fits for bronze finishes.


Wood-Mode Cabinets

Posted On: May 09, 2016

There are two lines of “Wood-Mode” Custom Cabinetry that Aladdin Remodelers provides; Wood-Move and Brookhaven. Each of these styles share a lineage of quality and expert craftsmanship, but have distinct differences in their construction. When choosing between Wood-Mode and Brookhaven, it is wise to consider how each style will appear in your home.

Wood-Mode designs are the more traditional route and give you a classic look as seen in the photo above. Brookhaven construction generally uses a frameless design when being built, while Wood-Mode cabinets tend to stick to a framed design.

So how does the construction model breakdown?

  • Your cabinets will be stained and painted in a multi-step process
  • They will include adjustable shelves that are supports with integrated clips
  • The choice of solid maple, walnut and cherry drawer boxes or the common European stylish look of stainless steel
  • The inclusion of full-extension under-mount drawer slides for increased interior storage. This allows for soft-closing action and special stops to prevent the drawers from being pulled out.

When deciding between Framed or Frameless cabinets, it is important to understand their differences and what they will bring to your kitchen.

Framed cabinets are made with furniture-quality plywood and are incredibly durable. They are lined with easily cleaned maple veneers. Concealed, self-closing hinges open a full 125 degrees with the ability to adjust for precise door alignments, with decorative hinges that open a full 180 degrees.

Frameless cabinets are made with furniture-quality particleboard for maximum stability. They can be lined with either stain resistant white or wood grain melamine. These concealed, self-closing hinges can open at a full 110 degrees. This is a more contemporary look that allows comes with a white or stainless steel metal drawer option.

Wood-Move cabinets provide a regal and stylish look to your kitchen. The decision between Framed or Frameless cabinets depends on how you would like your cabinet to look. The experts at Aladdin Remodeling will help guide you along this journey as well!


Maximizing Counter Space

Posted On: May 03, 2016

Today we are going to examine the most effective solutions to using counters in your kitchen regardless of the size. If those counters are actually going to be used for food preparation, the counter should be kept clear, which means you are going to need more space elsewhere to keep the area clean for food. Every item in your kitchen needs to have a home; whether it be utensils, sponges, soaps or bottle openers. Take advantage of walls and side of cabinets with hook attachments. Extra shelving units above the sink always help to maximize counter space. As you can see in the example photo above, this is a much grander kitchen and uses a large 3/4 island.  The sink is within the island, while the stove is on the back kitchen wall. However, instead of having the cabinets above the sink, they have them above the stove instead. While these homeowners elected to have deocorative pieces hand from the top of their island, we could also find a stylish way to put your fine china and kitchen equipment there as well.


Cabinet Refacing

Posted On: April 22, 2016

As you know, home remodeling can be very costly and while sometimes it pays to spend the extra dollar to help the look of your home, cabinet refacing is an area of home improvement that is supposed to prevent breaking the bank. It is a tough decision to make when remodeling on whether or not to replace or revamp your existing cabinetry. Cabinet refacing allows the homeowner to keep their original cabinetry, but give it a serious upgrade, while maintaining the nostalgic feeling that comes with your original home look. What is even more convenient about cabinet refacing, which is something we pride ourselves with at Aladdin Remodelers is the speed in which we accomplish the refacing. It takes nearly half the amount of workers and can be completed anywhere between 2-4 days. So instead of spending a fortune on a complete remodel-sit back, relax and update your exisiting cabinetry in style and avoid spending a fortune.



Posted On: March 28, 2016

While there are many factors to consider when designing your kitchen, choosing a disposal (aka disposer) will be one of the simpler tasks. If you are a chef in your own home, a disposal helps to grind up and clear away the scraps. Understanding composting as well as how disposals work will benefit your use of water and energy. Aladdin installs disposals manufactured by Franke, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Magic Chef and Maytag. Talk to us today about what will work best for your home.


Fireplace Maintenance

Posted On: March 21, 2016

Warmth and comfort is provided by a fireplace in your home. To continue to enjoy this focal point and to prevent potential issues such as blockage or buildup of creosote, be sure to have your chimney properly maintained. While a chimney should be inspected and cleaned annually by a professional, the homeowner can check for creosote (a toxic residue from burning wood) on the interior walls of the chimney flue. If you can scrape off more than 1/8” of creosote, it is time for a cleaning. Otherwise, there is a risk of a chimney fire, caused by the combustion of the residue.


Kitchen Sinks

Posted On: March 16, 2016

The functionality of your kitchen should be strategically planned prior to construction. Part of this plan includes the kitchen sink. No matter what your plans are for the kitchen, the sink is a vital component. It will be used for multiple purposes throughout the week. You’ll want to be sure the sink is deep enough and wide enough for your needs, while still maintaining enough space on the counter. Depending on whether or not your sink will be integrated into the counter, popular materials for sinks include granite, porcelain and stainless steel.


Laminate Countertops

Posted On: March 07, 2016

While materials made of granite or marble are stronger, laminate countertops are a less costly and still attractive alternative. Decades ago, many of them actually looked too much like cheap imitations of other materials. But with advancements in the industry, laminates now possess qualities that are quite realistic. While they still should not be used as a cutting board, laminates are more durable than when they first became popular in the 1960s. A quality installation is better resistant to chips and cracks. If you are not sure what will work best for the countertop in your home, talk with Aladdin about whether you should choose a laminate or another option such as granite.