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Keys To Updating Your Bathroom

Posted On: August 10, 2016

The bathroom has become the most forgotten room in homes today, but it is one that should match the rest of your home. The style, color and feel of your room should transcend into your bathroom. The bathroom is a private and intimate place where you should feel comfortable at all times. No matter what type of home you have, it is important to understand the amount of space needed for the changes, big and small, you are going to make to improve the "powder room."

There are several factors that need to be addressed in terms of measuring when you are re-doing your bathroom and they are the doors, toilets, sinks, vanities, floor area, outlets, windows and accessories. In today's blog post, we will break down each of these aspects and how you should go about placing them in your new bathroom.

Doors- The common width of doors are 28, 30 and 32 inches. You can choose to go more narrow, but anything less than 28 will be uncomfortable and will not be able to accommodate wheelchairs if necessary. You should coordinate the height of the door with that of the other doors in your house.

Toilets- Toilets have minimum clearances, which must be considered for their placement. These will vary dependent on location as well as codes and customs. Most common toilets have 15 inches of unobstructed space on either side. You should then have at least 24 inches clear in front of the toilet to a wall or another object.

Sinks- Bathroom sinks are obviously used for handwashing and other quickly-done objectives. Given their usage amount, this is where you can maximize space in your bathroom and can install a very small sink.

Vanities- If you have the room in your bathroom and want to add a nice touch to your sink and bathroom, installing a wooden with granite countertop vanity is the way to go. You can have a vanity custom built to fit both the size and color needs.

Floor Area- Bathrooms work well in an area that is 60 square inches. This gives you the ability to place the toilet and sink on the same side of the wall. The wall behind the toilets and sometimes the sink, needs to be thicker than a standard wall.

Outlets- Electrical outlets are obviously a necessity for bathrooms and they need to have a ground-fault circuit interrupter that protects the circuit of that toilet.

Windows- When space is plentiful and the budget is ample, powder rooms can be luxurious and big windows can make a bathroom pop. The key to the windows is for ventilation and this equipment must provide five air changes per hour to the exterior of the building.

Accessories- You can really go anywhere with this option and include countless things in your bathroom. Light fixtures, mounted soap dishes and mirrors are just a few accessories that can be added to fill up the remaining space in your bathroom.