Kitchen Storage: What you need to know!


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Jun 27, 2016

How much space is enough when it comes to your kitchen? This question alone can dictate not only the layout of your home, but could be the deciding factor when looking to move into a new home. This is an incredibly important factor to to consider when remodeling or moving because it is a costly project to redesign. Being unhappy with your lack of storage in your kitchen can make entering the room unpleasant and aggravating. Your kitchen deserves special attention because it is where you not only prepare food, but house guests as well. Your storage areas should be the three primary activity areas, the refrigerator, the sink and the range.

The Refrigerator Center:

The refrigerator center is the main food receiving and preparation point in your kitchen. A countertop next to or across from your refrigerator is the perfect spot to put down grocery bags after entering the kitchen. Having a countertop in this area allows for easy transitions of items to and from the fridge and freezer. This refrigerator center is the perfect spot for food-preparing appliances as well, such as; can openers, coffee and break makers as well as other dry good appliances. Having an "appliance garage" maximizes the space in your kitchen as well.

The Sink Center:

This area should be located between the refrigerator and the range center (cooking area) to maximize the space in your kitchen. Sinks and dishwashers located in the middle of your kitchen provide for easy transitions when moving around quickly in the kitchen. Sink center storage can include areas for flatware, dishes and glassware as well. Cutting boards and knives being placed at a midpoint between the sink and fridge make them easily accessible no matter where you are in the kitchen.

The Range Center:

A range or a cooktop with wall ovens comprise this area in your kitchen. This is where the bulk of cooking food takes place. Anything that involves cooking needs to be within arms distance of the range center. You should strongly consider dedicating a cabinet for cookware alone as well. Spice storage, pots and pans and utensils situated around the cooking equipment allow convenient access and storage.