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Cabinet Refacing

Posted On: April 22, 2016

As you know, home remodeling can be very costly and while sometimes it pays to spend the extra dollar to help the look of your home, cabinet refacing is an area of home improvement that is supposed to prevent breaking the bank. It is a tough decision to make when remodeling on whether or not to replace or revamp your existing cabinetry. Cabinet refacing allows the homeowner to keep their original cabinetry, but give it a serious upgrade, while maintaining the nostalgic feeling that comes with your original home look. What is even more convenient about cabinet refacing, which is something we pride ourselves with at Aladdin Remodelers is the speed in which we accomplish the refacing. It takes nearly half the amount of workers and can be completed anywhere between 2-4 days. So instead of spending a fortune on a complete remodel-sit back, relax and update your exisiting cabinetry in style and avoid spending a fortune.