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Entertainment Centers

Posted On: February 29, 2016

While a completed entertainment center is certainly exciting, there are a few things for the homeowner to keep in mind in order to optimize the viewing experience. Much of this involves having a plan for exactly where in the room you want to place the television. Consider where the TV will be in relation to the sunlight coming through the windows. Too much light will result in reflection and interfere with the screen. Other arrangements to consider include the screen size, the distance you plan on sitting from the screen and where that couch or bed can comfortably fit into the room. The aspect ratio and resolution may also become a factor when considering the best viewing distance. Once you have a vision for the room, speak with Aladdin today about designing and building the perfect home entertainment center.


Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Posted On: February 24, 2016

It's important to have proper air circulation to decrease moisture in the bathroom, especially when there are no windows. Otherwise, mold and mildew will quickly build. As it forms in cracks and other spots that are hard to reach, the difficulty in which to remove the mold will only increase. As a result, you can wind up spending hours on efforts for eradication. If you are purchasing a new fan, there are a couple of specifications which are essential to note. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures the flow of air. This number will need to be higher as the room size gets larger. Another factor is the sone. This is the noise level. A low number will indicate a quieter fan.