Kitchens for Germophobes!


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Nov 04, 2016

Are you a germaphobe? If so, this blog will help give you the best ideas for kitchen finishes that will put your mind and worries at ease. Your kitchen will be much easier to clean and maintain after these changes.

Are you worried about Bacteria? Yes? Then become familiar with the word non-porous 

Escherichia coli, shigella, salmonella are a few of the bacteria that lurk throughout kichens - often in the pores, fissures and nicks that populate typical countertop surfaces. The harsh reality is that most of earth's most beautiful materials, i.e., wood and natural stone - are full of pores and fissures. Bacteria flourish greatly in these crevices because they find exactly what they need - which is food, moisture and a comfortable temperature.

Top Hygienic Kitchen Countertop Surfaces

So how do you prevent germs from spreading on your countertops? Here are the best countertop surfaces for a more germ-resistant kitchen design:


Since granite is the most popular natural stone countertop surface, let's start here. Granite is full of pores and fissures and whhile sealing works - it's not permanent and there's no way to know if you're really protected. Quartz on the other hand, is made from natural minerals that are all held together using polymers and resin.

Corian, Corian, Corian

Corian is another non-porous countertop that is sufficient. It is a popular choice because the color and pattern varieties make it possible for any homeowner to integrate it with their current design plans. Another benefit of Corian is that it's heat and blade resistant. The Kitchen Magic team uses Corian cutting boards because we know everything washes clean with a little hot water and soap.

Stainless Steel

There are all kinds of ways to integrate stainless steel countertops. Some modern kitchens are entirely stainless steel with a few exceptions. Other kitchens may only have a section of stainless steel, perhaps the island or the section of the countertop that sees the most food prep or backing action.

Aladdin Remodelers is a leading kitchen designer across Long Island and can not only provide you with a beautiful kitchen, but one that keeps away the germs as well. Call us today!