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Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Posted On: October 07, 2016

1. Know your time frame.

Do you know exactly when your project needs to be completed by? Do you have another functional bathroom in your house to use or are you staying with a friend?

2. List are key with planning. Break down step by step what you are going to do with your bathroom.

Are you adding new tiling, lighting or Fixtures? Do you have to move walls or cabinets? Make sure you have a detailed list of exactly what you are keeping and what you are replacing.

3. Find ways to be inspired.

Pinterest is a great way to find ideas for your home remodels. You may not know exactly what you want until you see other bathroom designs. You may go in thinking you want one thing, then you visit another site and realize you want something completely different.

4. Finalize your budget-but have wiggle room.

Be careful with your spending, but situations arise when you may need to spend extra, so make sure you have substantial wiggle room.

5. The little things are important.

Make sure you have a plan for the little things. They may seem insignificant, but should never be overlooked. Know where you want the outlets to be. Do you know where you need lights? How high do you want the lights? How many mirrors will you have in the bathroom?

6. Remember it's just a bathroom.

Everything will be okay and that is what is important to remember!