If your bathroom has been in need of a remodeling for a while now, you have probably thought endlessly about how much it is going to cost and if it is necessary to do. So how do you know it’s worth it? Here are some reasons to start that bathroom remodel project.

It increases the resale value of your entire home

That is not a typo, this isn’t just about your bathroom anymore - if your bathroom is freshly remodeled, your entire home is worth more. In fact, a bathroom can be a pivotal component to increasing the resale value of your home. Kitchen and bathrooms are the highest valued rooms for potential buyers.

Remodeling a bathroom pays off ten-fold once the renovations are complete. On average, homeowners who remodel their bathroom get around 70 cents per every dollar spent back when they move away. This makes a bathroom remodeling endeavor much more financially worth it than your average remodeling project.

Added space

One of the positives of remodeling your bathroom (rather than simply reorganizing it or updating a few fixtures in it) is that you can actually gain space in it. Crowded bathrooms are an unquestionably awful experience, while spacious ones are a luxurious experience. If space is your issue, remodeling makes a lot of sense.

Future investment

Depending on your place in life, you may want to remodel your bathroom with a future family in mind. Or, if you’ve already had all the children you’re going to have, perhaps remodeling it for the future, older you will be useful. The options are unlimited and no matter what direction you go in, you are adding value to your home.

Bathrooms in need of a fix!

Some bathrooms are in desperate need of renovations. Maybe your tiles have gotten chopped up and are unpleasantly dirty. Or maybe your toilet is outdated and isn’t functioning as well as it should anymore. Although you can live with issues like this for a long time, it’s not always healthy to do so. Germs love bathrooms, and cleanliness or functionality problems only cause more germs to breed.

If this sounds at all like your bathroom, remodeling could be a good idea for your own health. Call Aladdin Remodelers today for all of your Long Island Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling!