Bathroom Remodeling Long Island

Bathroom Remodeling Long Island

Aladdin is keen to Long Island bathroom remodeling and bathroom redesigns. Before you begin a plan, consider all the options to give a bathroom the feel that makes you happy. Much of this depends on layout, themes and colors. Ideas can suggest anything from a calming sanctuary to an energetic oasis. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Ideas for themes

Nautical makes perfect sense. There is already a presence of water in the bathroom. Classic ship wheels, anchors, life preserver ring, starfish and shells are only some of the accents which create a oceanic ambiance.

White usually seems to be the logical choice as the most prominent color in a bathroom. But black can provide a welcoming atmosphere as well--with the help of a skylight. Installing black porcelain tiles in the shower stall contrasts nicely with lighter colored walls and furnishings.

A bathroom with antique style decor opens the space to a whole new realm of opportunity. The layout starts with an old-school clawfoot tub, while the finishing touches are a retro rug, Victorian mirror and art deco curtains.


A quick, easy way to make a white bathroom more colorful is by adding plants. Greenery will create an instant contrast to make the bathroom design more intriguing. Before choosing the species of plant, be sure to first learn about the amount of light and moisture it will need. Some bathrooms do not have windows. But all bathrooms will produce moisture. If space is an issue, small planters can be hung on hooks or placed on short shelves

overlooked Details of the bathroom

Although the floor is usually not the first place in which eyes make contact when first entering the bathroom, it remains an opportunity for modification along with cabinetry and plumbing installations. If the walls are relatively neutral with minimal décor, you may want to consider installing multi-color floor tiles that either match or contrast with the rest of the room. Shape ideas are anything from large hexagons to small mosaic squares.

The bathroom ceiling is another area which often goes unnoticed. Aside from maintaining lighting, the exhaust fan also needs to be operating smoothly at all times. It's very important to have proper air circulation to decrease moisture. Otherwise, mold and mildew will quickly build. As it forms in cracks and other spots that are hard to reach, the difficulty in which to remove the mold will only increase. As a result, you can wind up spending an entire day on efforts for eradication. Don't go too crazy, though, because it's pretty much impossible to eliminate all the mildew completely. If you are purchasing your own fan, there are a couple of specifications which are essential to note. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures the flow of air. This number will need to be higher as the room size gets larger. Another factor is the sone. This is the noise level. A low number will indicate a quieter fan.

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